The Distillery

The Lavender and Bees are the soul of Carmel Lavender and the distillery is our heart. It is hear where fire and water remove the essences of the plant and create the essential oils and hydrosols that make the products. Here the artisan approach is applied to steam distillation as we hand-work the lavenders through the various stages from soil to bottle to you.

Client Services

We offer custom distilling services for clients who 'grow their own' lavenders or other aromatics and wish to make essential oils and hydrosols. Custom distilling rates are included below. If you are interested in having us distill essential oils from your plants, please contact us. Our fees are flat rate, per batch.


Off-site Distilling

A portable distillation unit is available for off-site distilling and demonstration events. This unit has a 55 liter plant capacity. The photo on the right shows the unit set-up in a garden.


Both the on-site and off-site distillation units use the same process: steam.


Watch this video demonstration on Lavender essential oil distillation:



Click here to see all Carmel Lavender videos on YouTube.com

Distiller's Rates

If you are interested in bringing your lavender to our farm for distillation, contact us. We would be happy to send you a rate sheet.

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