The Lavender Fields

The Carmel Lavender fields are cultivated as an artisan craft. The purple rows follow the natural contour lines of the hills rather than a rigid grid-like layout. The fields are surrounded by white oaks on all sides, and even include the occasional fairy trees in their midst. All of this to naturally integrate into the landscape and provide a diverse ecosphere for the plants and bees to thrive. This is what I like to call, following the lead of the land.

Carmel Lavender Fields at Sunset - Summer 2011

What makes Carmel Lavender so special?

It is really a unique combination of many factors. The most notable are: the soil, the water, the plants, and the cultivation practices.

The Soil

Lavender is naturally suited for the location. The soil is sweet albeit a bit heavy in spots.

The Water

The water too is sweet and pure. Brought up from 500 feet down to give parched plants a drink on a hot summer's day. Because Carmel Lavender is located high above granite bedrock, the water source deep below the surface is protected from surface contaminants. There is no 'aquifer' but rather the water finds its way through cracks and fissures in the rock before it is brought to the surface. Further, there is no adjacent large scale chemical farming out here. A few vineyards within a mile or two. That is all. Here on the farm, we drink the same water our plants do.

The Plants

Many of the plants were originally brought out years ago from nursery stock. Now, replacement planting is taken from the existing plants, and rooted in our own Nursery. It is very difficult to obtain organically grown lavender plants outside of custom orders, and many of the commercial nurseries are not well set-up for this. Making our own stock eliminates the introduction of artificial fertilizers and pesticides through the stock. It also is better tuned with our philosophy to produce with what we have within.

The Cultivation Practices

Absolutely no chemicals or artificial amendments or pesticides are used on the farm. It is my purpose to keep the land as pure as it was when I came here. Soil amending is done naturally. My first preference is through growing healthier soils with selective cover crops. A proper cover not only improves the soil, but reduces erosion, weeds, and looks more beautiful.

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