The People

John - Founder

Nature is one of the most spiritually inspiring forces in John's life. In the plants, the bees, the wildlife, the earth -- each is a mirror into our own condition. He founded Carmel Lavender as a dream. Through the lavender, the bees, and the land, the dream is to live day-to-day directly tied to the health and well-being of the land. As the land is cared for, so we prosper.


Yoko - Better Half

John and Yoko were married in 2012 when she came to the farm from the Big City. She enjoys life in the country. Yoko loves animals, and bees, and supports John in all aspects of life.




The Animal Staff


Sunny - Emotional Support

Sunny is responsible for the emotional well-being of all of us here at Carmel Lavender. He spends his day checking on each of us to ensure we are happy, and offering emotional support. As part of his special diet control program, he'll take part of your sandwich off your hands too, just in case you couldn't eat the whole thing.

Zorro - Grass Control / Fertilizer Production / Chicken Nanny

Zorro is in charge of grass control in the barnyard. He also ensures the trees are appropriately trimmed up to 6 feet for fire abatement. Zorro spends most of his time in the fields watching after the chickens as our official chicken nanny. Finally, his manure is especially good for intensifying the scents of essential oils. Now if only we can train him to collect it and put it in the wheel barrow for us.

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