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At Carmel Lavender, we pride ourselves in artisan crafted products. Locally grown and 100% natural is not just important for food, but it is also essential for the spa, our skin, and aromatherapy. 100% of our lavender is grown locally, right here in Carmel Valley. We farm by hand, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Essential oils are extracted locally too, right here on our farm. This means we are personally involved in every step of the process, from flowers to bottle. Learn more...

Order Carmel Lavender products directly on-line. Simply select the items you wish to purchase below, and check out by selecting View Cart and then Checkout. Google will collect the necessary payment and shipping information.

MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL: Free shipping on our hand lotion when ordered by May 1st!

Product List

Lavender Hand Lotion

4oz, cobalt blue glass, black pump top, $18.99


Custom formulated lotion includes Carmel Lavender distilled lavender water (hydrosol), beeswax, and lush oils of almond, mango butter, coconut, and Carmel Valley grown olive oil. Scented with Carmel Lavender essential oil. Learn more...


Lavender Hand Balm

2oz, screw top tin, $16.99


A wonderfully natural product, made from three simple ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, and lavender essential oil. All three of these ingredients can be sourced locally, making this a showcase of locally grown and made. Learn more...


Lavender Essential Oil

5ml, cobalt blue glass eurodropper, $15.99


This sweet golden oil comes directly from our lavender fields here in Carmel Valley. Hand farmed, artisan crafted, our lavender oil is like no other. Use in the bath, as a stress reducing scent for your car or home, or as a 100% natural perfume.  Learn more...



Lavender Hand Soap

5oz, natural muslin bag, $11.99


Our soap is handmade from olive oil, coconut, and palm oils, and scented with Carmel Lavender essential oil. This soap is made with 50% moisturizing olive oil, grown in Carmel Valley. That makes our soap over 50% grown and 100% made locally for a truly unique experience.  Learn more...



Steam Extracted Herbal Water

75ml, aluminum bottle with atomizer spray top, $11.99


Our steam extracted herbal waters are made right here on our farm using plants grown in Carmel Valley. Lavender Terra is our pure lavender water, earthy, woody, a unique experience. Lavender Rosť blends lavender with rose geranium, and Lavender Vitalia blends rosemary, mint and lavender. Learn more...



Lavender Sachet

0.7oz, natural muslin bag, $11.99


We pack a natural muslin bag with 100% Carmel Valley grown lavender buds to make our elegant sachets. Sachets are a wonderly simple and natural way to enjoy the lavender scent. They can be left bedside for relaxing sleep, or stuff one in a linen drawer to naturally scent your cloths.  Learn more...



Lavender Massage Oil

4oz, cobalt blue glass, black pump top, $19.99


Our massage oil is coconut oil based. Coconut oil is a preferred massage oil ingredient for its glide and longevity. We generously scent our massage oil with Carmel Lavender essential oil. Lavender scent is known for it's tranquil and relaxing effect. Learn more...



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